What is copywriting?

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…is a question I get asked quite a lot. I am also asked, what is it you do exactly. Both perfectly reasonable questions so I thought I would put it into words, it would be rude not to.

My approach is actually very simple – when writing marketing communications, you need to be clear on why you are doing it. In other words, do you want to raise awareness, educate, promote even sell a product or service.

These objectives, bit of dry word, but is really what I should call them, are not mutually exclusive. You can educate and sell at the same time, but be clear that is what you are doing. Once you know what you want to do, the content needed and the choice of words becomes a whole lot easier. Well it does for a copywriter because that is what I do.

I love my job

But in order to do this successfully, I need to understand your business. This part I really enjoy because I get to ask you lots of questions, your life story. Ultimately, I am looking to answer the ‘so what’, the question every customer will ask at some stage. What makes you different, why should I buy from you, make me a believer (ok, maybe not the last bit).

Taking this raw material and crafting it into a marketing communication is the bit I love. Firstly, my two Jack Russells are taken out for a walk before I sit down and start creating content. Why, because it gives me that thinking time, to sort through the information, structure the piece and find the right words.

To avoid confusion

Just as a nod to the spoken word, rather than written, some people immediately jump to the world of copyrighting when the word copywriting is mentioned. Both sounding exactly the same but obviously different when you see them written down. So just to be clear, I am not in the world of intellectual property but the skill of creative writing.

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