Data and CRM

Businesses holding customer data have a great opportunity to enhance their marketing activity but do need to be mindful of Data Protection at every stage.  PMA provide a GDPR Health check to ensure you remain compliant with the regulations whilst unlocking the potential of this particular asset.

A Health Check of your data and permission statements will provide invaluable insight about your customer relationships.  This enables you to make informed decisions when shaping your marketing strategy and generating campaigns.  Expertise in enhancing the data to build segmentation sets and identifying system improvements to gain a single customer view (SCV) will further benefit sales and marketing activities.

PMA recognise that the delivery of a defined Customer Experience is dependent on communications with your customers being delivered through their preferred channel, in a format and tone that is attractive to them.  Taking your data and creating an effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool will support this approach.

Agency Management

PMA are experienced in supporting the Agency pitching process whilst evaluating marketing supplier relationships.  Helping businesses to build or improve a range of marketing delivery processes will save you time and money.

Working across different teams, both internal and external, requires each stakeholder to understand what is being asked of them.  The campaign dynamics, success factors, timescales and budgets are key elements that need to be communicated effectively.

A simple audit of what currently happens will identify where you might have weaknesses. Developing briefing templates for your business will ensure campaign specifics are shared consistently, whilst reviewing relationships with suppliers or agencies will confirm if they are receiving the right information to do their job.


Writing about your business to raise awareness, educate, promote or sell your products and services to target customers.  Finding the right words can be difficult but a copywriter can help you overcome these challenges.

At PMA the job of a copywriter is to ‘work with words’ turning information into a great story.  The driver is always to engage and motivate your customers into action.  Writing compelling sales copy or generating content to distribute across different media, it’s all about communicating how your business stands out from the crowd.

Agreeing on the right topics and words for your business is only half the job.  How to tell this story to your customers depends on who they are, how they access information and the purpose of your communication.

Campaign Delivery

Delivering successful marketing campaigns relies on a number of well defined internal and external processes.  A detailed and sequential set of tasks are key to ensuring each campaign is managed effectively.

PMA have expertise in working on campaigns from planning through to implementation which enables us to tailor our support to your marketing function.  At ease working across the full marketing mix and drawing the strands of an integrated campaign together.

Because we can manage the end-to-end campaign process you have the choice and flexibility to use our services at any stage.  Whether you need additional resource or expertise during the definition phase of a campaign, the implementation stages or to help you analyse the effectiveness of your activities, PMA can step in and help.

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