GDPR Good or Bad?

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I like what GDPR is doing for the world of data, it’s about time in my view that companies all took a serious view of how they collect and use customer data. I believe there are opportunities for everyone even if it’s to clearing their database of old data.

However last week I had two conversations asking for a view on the risks and consequences of potentially breaking the current DPA rules. From a business perspective the wins outweighed the potential loss of a fine and even though I cannot say how much the fine would be it’s likely to be a sum much less than when GDPR comes into force.

There are sectors of the commercial world which worry me , in that there is a lot of work that needs to be happening to tighten up data collection e.g. motor retail I feel is one area and SME’s in general. The networking groups I have contact with are very removed from the GDPR regulations , my experience suggests they have heard of it but many are ignoring it.

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