A copywriter is not just for Christmas

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Feeling lonely and isolated is not how a copywriter should be. Imagine not speaking to anyone, not knowing anything about their business or understanding who their customers are. Suddenly, staring at a blank screen and watching the cursor continually flash on and off feels like an eternity.

We are not meant to be locked in a room and rolled out to write engaging marketing materials at the drop of a hat. I know, we are miracle workers, but in order to turn the magic on we need context, understanding, human interaction. We need to get under the skin of who you are and what you do.

Getting to know you better

I was always taught to have an enquiring mind and would wonder why, ironic I know, but as you journey through your working life, you start to appreciate why. Asking lots of questions and talking to people, they love telling you about themselves and actually I love to hear the stories, these are the raw materials for a copywriter.

The ability to immerse yourself into the business is the key to success. The old cliché of working in partnership is actually very apt. If I can’t think and talk like you then it is impossible to write meaningful content. Investing time upfront to gain this education is all it takes.

Telling everybody else about you

So being asked to write a Christmas message for a company is not just about relaying the usual seasonal banter, it’s so much more. And it has to be so much more if you want to stand out from your competitors. It needs to be personal, consistent with your Brand, a message that says something about you and how you do business.

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